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Welcome to il Cibo del Ciraulo

This blog is dedicated to my father, and his great love of food.

A career Army officer, he was also a misplaced chef.  Upon his retirement in Italy he wrote a regular food article for The Lion, a NATO publication, and then when he returned to the US, self-published a food and travel 'zine for many years.  He also published a cookbook for his alma mater, Santa Clara University.

I have hard copies of all his writings, which is a treasure, but would like to save them in another format, and also share them with the world.  They are wonderful and insightful and I feel that while he is no longer he with us, he would love the idea of his love for food being able to reach new people via this technology which unfortunately did not exist readily when he was alive.

Upon his death, he was also in the process of writing a cookbook. I believe his notes still exist in some format in his home office, which has largely remained untouched.  It would be my greatest hope to be able to collect and publish these for him as well.  But for now I will focus on the writings I know I have in hand, and hope that you all will enjoy them as much as I have over the years.

In the words of my father, "Ciao Belli!"


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Cibo del Ciraulo - July 1987

My dad's first food article was titled simply 'Cibo del Ciraulo' and was published in The Lion (a NATO publication) in July of 1987.  My father was stationed at NATO headquarters in Naples, Italy from 1982-1987, and stayed another three years following his retirement in 1987.

My dad's publications always seemed to start in July, and of course presently it is the tail end of January, so I hope to eventually 'catch up' and have his articles match the current season, as a lot of what he writes about is seasonal.

Cibo means food in Italian, and Ciraulo is our family name, so the translation is 'Ciraulo's Food'.

It began with a forward from 'The Editor', whose name I don't currently know, but if I find out I will add it here.

This is the first of a series of monthly articles dedicated to the wines and foods, restaurants and unparalleled hospitality of the Southern Region.  The author, Bob Ciraulo, an American-Italian, and the son of Sicilian i…